Joe St. Peter and Bryce Joslin

Teaching Abroad – Exploring Cultures – Finding Community – Learning Forever

Greetings From Venezuela

Base of Roraima

Just married in June, my wife, Bryce Joslin, and I are one of the newest international teaching couples, so forgive our novice methods of self-advertising. Bryce is a K-12 certified Art teacher with 2 years of K-5 art experience in Honduras and another 2 years of K-12 +AP art experience at Colegio Internacional Puerto La Cruz (CIPLC). I am a 6-12 certified Biology and Broad-Field Science Teacher with six years of teaching experience. AT CIPLC, I’ve been teaching MS science, MS math, HS Biology and HS Physics. At a previous post in Honduras, I taught IB Biology for 3 years.

We have aspirations to establish ourselves at a culturally diverse and academically rigorous school with a strong sense of community. While we both enjoy our current positions, and entered Venezuela with hopes of a longer post, the economic and political concerns of CIPLC and Venezuela have forced administration to recommend to all foreign hires to prepare for recruiting. We are viewing this trial as an opportunity to immerse ourselves in a new culture as we continue to grow as professionals.

Please see attached CVs, Cover Letters, and links to learn more about us as teachers.

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